Name: Peter barnes
Comments: Griff, just visited the new site, how about putting poeples names below the photos some are really hard to put a name to. Also there was a reunion here in HK not so long ago I am sure the KGV old schoolboys committee can give you some photos for the site. Also you won't believe it but my daughter has just started Primary 1 at KJS - boy when I take her there every day it really brings back memories! Will send you a picture of her in her KJS uniform! Will keep searching for old photos I think I have a really good one of the barnes boys from the cross country days! P.S. Debbie Mudd may be visiting HK next year so may have some more photos! Peter.
Date: Thu Sep 25 14:55:15 2003

Name: vanessa.seed
Comments: having delved into the recesses of my addled brain i would like to put names to all those male hunks on the rugby team shot (bar two), pic which i estimate to be from 1972? - christ that's over 30 years ago, eeeek!! back row: Mr Dean, ?, John Byrne, Ali Ross, Roly Simpson, Sandy Chalmers, ?, William Chung front row: Rodge Murray, Andrew Browne (with an 'e'), Jesu, Paul Fender, Peter Kenyon, Joey Flinn, Phil Reeve, Jay Maker - where are they all now??? I happened into Jay Maker on the net after purchasing a book from an auction on last year unbeknownst to me he turned out to be the seller, quite embarrassing really as the book was for my ever-growing hk 1970s collection called the good girlies and where to find them in hong kong' - detailed guide to dodgy dives down the wanch and tst from that memorable point in time! that's all for now, must get back to work and as schwartzy says: i'll be back....
Date: Fri Nov 07 11:13:16 2003

Name: Peter Kenyon
Comments: I make it left to right from back... Dr Dean? (Chemistry?), Simon Lewis??, John Byrne, Ali Ross, Roly Simpson, Sandy Chalmers, ??, Billie Chung. In front... Rodge Murray, Andrew Brown, Tony Jesu, Paul Fender, Peter Kenyon, Joey Flynn, Phil Reeve, Jay Maker. Peter
Date: Fri Nov 07 19:05:42 2003

Name: Denis Remedios
Comments: Chris, Julia Dunkerley (now Harbage) and I are trying to organise the London 2004 reunion and wouln't mind a bit of a free plug. The date will be July 17-18 and will include a dinner on a Thames boat. If you've got a list of likely punters could you send it onto me? Thanks. I think we must have been in the year below you grad '78. Weren't you up at Piper's Hill? My nephew Rowan Varty is now Head Boy. Best Wishes, Denis
Date: Mon Jan 12 15:12:57 2004

Name: Sally Timberlake (ne Partridge)
Comments: It would be very easy to check on names that you should know if there was a maiden-name or the years you were at KGV so that you could check the list at a glance.
Date: Wed Sep 15 21:34:54 2004

Name: Jim Harrison
Comments: Hi.. I left Hong Kong to move back to the UK in Dec 1972,due to my mother and fathers divorce.Although i was at KJS, i only had 1 term at KGV.My onlder brother Robert obviously had a little longer at KGV.I have been trying to find photos of the school,but have not had much luck.Have you any sites that you can recommend, for me to obtain any such pictures? Kindest Regards Jim
Date: Sun Sep 26 13:22:51 2004

Name: Andy Nash
Comments: Hi Chris, does anyone know where Aldie Chalmers is these days ?, I used to live next door to him at Kowloon City Police Station, and he certainly appears on these pics a few times,thanks mate, great site, Andy.
Date: Sun Oct 10 13:32:51 2004


Name: Bryan Mackreth
Comments: The guy on the left in the photo "Tuck Shop Boys" Gallery 6 is Mark Coombs.
Date: Fri Feb 18 00:44:22 2005

Name: Sae
Comments: Hello again, quickie question -- does anyone keep in touch with Takashi Fukuoka? Ring any bells? Please let me know if you do. Thanks!
Date: Tue Apr 12 18:41:03 2005

Name: Barbara Petch nee Hancock
Comments: I think it would be a good idea to have a freinds reunited site on it as I have been trying to get in touch with a few of my mates and I'm finding it hard
Date: Fri Jun 10 10:27:29 2005

Name: Dave Hall
Comments: Hi Griff, I signed your guestbook the other day. Can you send me any links to any other sites like yours (if they exist). It would be good to contact people from my era - I left in 1982. Cheers Dave. ps I have a vision of you sprinting at KGV. Was that you, and did you keep the sports up?
Date: Wed Aug 24 09:19:26 2005

Name: Barbara Petch nee Hancock
Comments: I would like to thank you for a brill site. I have met some friends from KGV and still e-mailing them regually. I would love to have a reunion here in England any ideas if so get in contact OK? would love to hear from anybody else who remebers me
Date: Tue Nov 15 11:54:11 2005

Comments: Hi, can I forward pics from the KGV reunion Dec 8th at the Chin Chin
Date: Thu Dec 29 13:21:53 2005

Name: Tim Stone
Comments: Just wondered if you got the pics I sent. Plesae let me know, if not i will email you back. Tim
Date: Sun Feb 19 19:31:01 2006

Name: Vivian
Comments: Does anyone have Paul Schmidtke's contact info? Please pass it on to me if you do. It would be great if we can compile a list of all the names and email addresses alphabetically of everyone from the guest book so far and have it as a link somewhere on the site. This way we can find long lost friends that much easier.
Date: Sun Mar 19 21:36:32 2006

Name: Charles Chang
Comments: What's the best way to upload pictures on this site? We just had a mini-reunion of sorts in Hong Kong (Class of 75 mostly) but some good pictures to share with everyone. Regards, Charlie Chang
Date: Mon Apr 10 06:03:32 2006

Name: leila elling
Comments: can you please take my email address off the guest book page please. Hadn't realised it appears on google! Many thanks. Leila
Date: Mon May 08 10:21:43 2006

Name: Chris Mackreth
Comments: Hi Griff, would like to link your site with is this ok? You coming in Sept?
Date: Mon Jun 18 03:54:51 2007

Name: Paulin Evill nee Loo
Comments: Hi Chris how do I update my details on guest book?
Date: Mon Aug 13 04:25:28 2007